Who are we?

Sakhaei Commerce Company


Sakhaei Commerce Company started its activities in 2015. The main activity of this complex is to supply Dezful agricultural products and export them to Russia and the Persian Gulf countries. The main goal of the company is to provide high quality export products. Other goals of this collection are ease of purchase by esteemed exporters to ensure the health and quality of the product. Helping expensive producers of agricultural products to export high quality products is another valuable goal of this complex from the beginning until now…

Great products


All products are of the highest quality possible because this is our primary goal.

What is the reason for our superiority?

Why Sakhaei Commerce?


Supply chain

During our presence in the market, we have identified the sources of exported varieties of fruits, vegetables and fruits and have been able to meet the needs of our customers and customers by creating a robust database of suppliers.


It is well known that in addition to quality, profit margins are also important. Delivering quality products at the most reasonable price available in the market is the biggest concern of our sales team and we always try to cut costs.


To maximize the satisfaction of foreign customers and buyers, we use the best quality packaging made from high quality carton.



According to the destination market of the country of destination, the most convenient and low cost shipping method, whether by land, rail, sea or air, is selected for customer order.